Vodafone is Ireland's leading mobile communications operator with 2.4 million customers.vodafone

Since entering the Irish market in May 2001 Vodafone has made significant investments in its network. Vodafone is the single biggest investor in new technology in the Irish telecoms industry annually, with over €900 million spent building and maintaining its network.

Digatech have been providing a comprehensive IT support service to the Vodafone retail network throughout Ireland since 2000. The company now supports 36 directly owned retail outlets and another 65 accredited agents in Ireland.

Digatech provide an extensive support service during retail opening hours, with the motto: “Whenever you’re open, we’ve got you covered”

Digatech support everything in store – from printers, phones, PCs, screens, routers, the point of sale system appliance and access to the Vodafone application “VConnect” to each store.

Over the years, Digatech has supported the Vodafone store network to manage several refurbishments and technology changes such as:

  • Transition from DOS based PCs to modern Windows – up to Windows 7
  • VPNs using ISDN to Broadband
  • Vodafone “VIC” clients
  • New CISCO fibre routers to all stores
  • Separate WIFI capability in each store rolled out in 2012 / 2013

Declan Winston, Retail Operations Manager for Vodafone Ireland, said “Digatech has been supporting our Irish retail network since 2000. Over that time the needs of our retail stores and our agents stores have constantly evolved in response to new technologies becoming available and customer expectations changing. Digatech have consistently delivered an excellent level of support and demonstrated that they are able to keep helping us through every business change and every new technical development.”